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Anderson Construction is a general contractor specializing in energy-efficient, environment-friendly residential builds. We are well-versed in sustainable building practices associated with new construction and extensive renovation projects.

Meet Ben Anderson

Anderson Construction’s Ben Anderson found his passion for building after realizing he preferred working outside to being cooped up in an office all day. Ben followed his instincts and went back to school, majoring in construction management. He’s been building homes ever since. At the center of his success is a core philosophy: listen to the client, stay on budget, and build premium, sustainable houses that wow clients. After 20 years in business, his philosophy has proven to be more than effective. But when he’s not on the construction site, Ben likes to spend time with his family and outdoors, meaning he does whatever his kids like to do. As a Denver home builder, Ben Anderson and his team of professionals are available to build, renovate, or restore within the Denver and Cherry Hills areas. With over 80 home builds and renovation projects under their belt, the team at Anderson Construction combines a wealth of experience with cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly building techniques resulting in beautiful, efficient houses.

The Anderson Construction Process

At Anderson Construction, we follow three core principles that center around the client. After two decades of building homes in the Denver and Cherry Hills areas, we have not only worked on over 80 successful projects and we’ve stayed true to our principles while doing it. Doing quality work and developing strong relationships is why our clients keep coming back for their second, or third homes. 


We don’t work for clients. We work with them. When you hire Anderson Construction, you’re part of the team. Our clients are our partners on the project, and we take their lead so we can turn their vision into reality.


Sustainability in home building is the future. Anderson Construction takes great pride in building our clients’ energy-efficient and eco-friendly custom homes.


“Environmentally friendly” and “cutting-edge” may sound like intimidating words, but we know how to make the most with your budget. While weather delays and unforeseen building issues are a part of the home-building process, we take extra care to stay on budget and work with a low overhead.

How We Build Luxury Green Homes Without Compromising

How We Build Luxury Green Homes Without Compromising

A building envelope is a barrier between the inside of your home and outdoor elements. At Anderson Construction, we build your home with an airtight building envelope to allow for efficient energy use and maximize natural light without compromising your home against the elements. We utilize advanced framing techniques to increase R-values by eliminating thermal bridging. In addition, only high-efficiency heating/cooling systems and appliances are used in our projects.

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