Green Building
Building Efficiently. Building Smart. Building Beautiful.
Anderson Construction builds homes that are comfortable in both hot and cold weather without consuming excessive amounts of energy. We pay special attention to the building "envelope," using high performance windows strategically placed and sized to maximize solar gain. We use advanced framing techniques to increase R-values by eliminating thermal bridging, utilize advanced air sealing techniques that reduce air infiltration and only use high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.

We know how to optimize energy efficiency.

Looking at the whole project, we determine the most efficient methods and materials for your building and your budget. Anderson Construction has the experience and the knowledge to build for high performance and sustainability, reducing energy consumption while maintaining quality of life.

Below are examples of the methods and materials we use to ensure energy efficiency.

Thermal Enclosure System: A complete thermal enclosure system that includes comprehensive air sealing, quality installed insulation and high-performance windows to deliver improved comfort and lowered utility bills.

- R-50 insulation in Attics
- R-21 in Framed walls
- Insulated Garages
- Primary window efficiency U Value : 0.300

Water Management System: A comprehensive water management system to protect roofs, walls, and foundations.

- Flashing, a drainage plane, and proper site grading to move water from the roof to the ground and then away from the home
- Water resistant materials on below grade walls and underneath slabs to reduce the potential of water entering
- Management of moisture levels in building materials during the construction process

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation System:A high-efficiency HVAC system that is designed and installed for optimal performance.

- Dual speed, 96% Efficient Furnace
- Minimum14 SEER Air Conditioner
- All ducts sealed and pressure tested for leaks

Energy Efficient Lighting and Appliances:Energy efficient products to help reduce utility bills, while providing high-quality performance and comfort

- Energy Star qualified lighting, CFL light bulbs, Dawn to Dusk lights at exteriors
- Energy Star rated appliances;
- High-Efficiency Power Vent Water heaters